Truck Wash

Dev-Kleen Truck Wash A

Dev-Kleen Truck Wash A is a mildly alkaline, highly wetted, non-etching liquid detergent cleaner that provides excellent cleaning ability for removing oils, greases, and dirt residues from aluminum and steel alloys without attacking the base metal.

Dev-Kleen Truck Wash A has been designed to be effective at low temperatures and for spray cleaning applications. It’s a liquid with high detergency so it can easily displace soils and rinses spot-free.

Dev-Kleen Truck Wash A has the following characteristics:


Liquid formulation for easy additions and is suitable for automatic pump applications.


Has long life and is economical to use.


Prevents scale build-up on tank walls, pipes, nozzles and steam coils.


Functions exceptionally well at low temperatures.

Make Up:

Concentration 5 – 20 (e.g. @ 20%, use 1 gal to make 5 gals cleaner)
Temperature 70 – 150 oF.
pH @ 5% 11.5
pH @ 20% 12.1

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