So Clean Solutions

“At So Clean Solutions we strive to create better, safer and cost effective cleaners for all types of manufacturing.”

So Clean Solutions

“Our proven line of products and new process development has helped us expand into the global market.”

So Clean Solutions

“We engage toll blenders and manufacturers to utilize warehousing and cost efficiencies in our product production.”

So Clean Solutions

“So Clean Solutions develops and provides products with an emphasis on non-hazardous and eco-friendly resources.”

So Clean Solutions

“So Clean Solutions can formulate customized products for specific customer needs or problems.”

So Clean Solutions

“We create and promote long lasting sustainability through environmentally friendly products.”

What We Do

So Clean Solutions custom formulates and develops chemistry for a variety of industrial needs.

We provide all the cleaning and pretreatment needs for parts cleaning, plating processes, stainless steel passivation, in-house RP, long term RP, floor and machine clean-up and heat-treating salts.

Industries So Clean Solutions Supplies:




Clothing Fasteners

Electronic Components

Plumbing Components

Small Engine Mfg.

Hand Tool Mfg.

Medical/Dental Instrument Mfg.

Metal Finishing


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