Phos 720

Iron Phos #2

So Clean 77

Phos Black #2

So Clean Phos 720

Heavy Zinc Phosphate For Immersion Coatings

So Clean Phos 720 is a heavy immersion zinc phosphate formulated to exceed the requirements of GM 4435M, Ford S-2, and Chrysler PS-18 specifications, as well as MIL-P-50002.

So Clean Phos 720 provides excellent corrosion protection on ferrous metal parts by depositing in excess of 2,000 milligrams per square foot of crystalline zinc phosphate. When used with So Clean water emulsion oil and oil & wax products, So Clean Phos 720 can surpass 168 hours salt spray.

So Clean Iron Phos #2

So Clean Iron Phos #2 is a liquid concentrate for cleaning and phosphating iron and aluminum in one operation. It is highly buffered to maintain pH in the 4.8 – 5.5 range.

An amorphous iron phosphate coating is produced that will be gray to blue iridescent in color and have coating thickness of from 40 to 80 mg/sq foot.

So Clean Iron Phos #2 is generally used in pressure spray washing machines, but can also be used in simple dip operations. Selected wetting agents provide added cleaning strength.

So Clean Iron Phos #2 is a mildly acidic, clear liquid concentrate that mixes readily in water and is completely safe for workers to handle. Fast acting surfactants speed cleaning of the metal surface and provide for a uniform coating finish.

So Clean 77

So Clean 77 is a calcium-modified zinc phosphate which produces lighter, tighter, more adherent and uniform coatings than regular light zinc phosphates

So Clean 77 deposits a light zinc phosphate coating (150-550 mg/ft.2) on steel.

The So Clean 77 coating is a superior basis for paint producing a finer finish with less paint usage than regular zinc phosphate. The zinc phosphate coating produced is also an excellent carrier for tube and wire lubricants. At the same time it provides better corrosion protection and “creep” resistance than iron phosphate. So Clean 77 may be used in either spray or immersion processes.

Operating conditions are general guideline, but may vary widely depending upon the individual application.

So Clean Phos Black #2

So Clean Phos Black #2 is a conditioning solution for incorporation into conventional zinc phosphate
immersion systems to produce a matte black phosphate coating on steel parts.

So Clean Phos Black #2 is operated at ambient temperature, requires no accelerator and maintained
by a minimum of chemical control.

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