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So Clean 801 Zincate Concentrate

So Clean 801 Zincate Concentrate is a non-cyanide, liquid material which is used to produce a thin zincate film on aluminum and aluminum alloys.

So Clean Liquid Black N

So Clean Liquid Black N is a single component black oxide for steel formulated to blacken faster, increase corrosion protection, increase abrasion resistance, improve appearance, and lower operating costs. The Liquid Black N contains surface activating agents, rectifiers and inhibitors balanced in a single liquid formulation.

So Clean Wearguard NI-91

So Clean Wearguard Ni-91, electroless nickel process is designed to deposit a uniform bright, nickel-phosphorus alloy producing superior performance for many engineering and functional applications.

So Clean Wearguard Ni-91 is a high phosphorus formulation recommended where corrosion resistance requires minimal to no porosity on properly prepared metal surfaces.

Surtec Nickel Sulfamate

Electronic Grade(EG) Plating Solution

Nickel Sulfamate plating processes are well known for producing high-purity nickel deposits with low internal stress. However, it is essential to maintain the proper bath chemistry and purity to achieve the best performance and realize the full benefits of these solutions. SURTEC NICKEL SULFAMATE CONCENTRATE-ELECTROLESS GRADE (NSCEG) makes this possible by providing simple and contaminate free nickel replenishment.

NSCEG is a purified liquid concentrate of nickel sulfamate containing a minimum of 24 oz./gal. of nickel. No other chemicals have been added to the NSCEG concentrate. It can be used as the primary ingredient in making up a new solution, or as a maintenance additive for existing solutions.

So Clean Tri-Gold Concentrate

So Clean Trivalent chromates are easily dyed.

Colors can be produced as a single dip by incorporating the TRI-color concentrate in the chromate bath, or they can be dyed in a secondary dip tank. Several of the dyes degrade over time when made into liquids, so they are added as powders.

So Clean 440-441

The So Clean 440-441 black chromate system is a highly protective and corrosion resistant coating for zinc plate, which produces an attractive gloss black finish.

With proper control, the black chromate film will pass 72 hrs to white corrosion in neutral salt spray tests.

This single dip solution is designed for manual, automatic, rack or barrel use. The chromate coating also serves as an excellent base for the application of paint, lacquer or enamel.

So Clean Tri 102

High corrosion trivalent chromate coating

So Clean TRI 102 is a high-corrosion chromate at 10%. It imparts a clear chromate coating on electroplated zinc and zinc alloys. It exceeds 144 hours protection on zinc plating to white corrosion in salt fog testing. When used in conjunction with So Clean TRI-GOLD Conc. as a yellow chromate, the corrosion protection is further enhanced.

So Clean TRI 102 will meet GME00252 and GMW3044. It is a cost effective alternative to other trivalent chromate products.

So Clean TRI 102 when top-coated with So Clean 980 or similar topcoats will deliver up to 250 hours to white corrosion in salt fog testing.

So Clean RS-528

So Clean RS-528 is a yellow, iridescent, bright chromate conversion coating for electroplated zinc and electroplated cadmium. It produces an exceptionally bright and adherent, iridescent coating on zinc chloride plated work.

So Clean Black N

So Clean Black N is formulated to blacken faster, increase corrosion protection, increase abrasion resistance, improve appearance and lower operating costs.

So Clean Black N contains nickel salts in its formulation as an activator, along with inhibitors, rectifiers, and surface activating agents. In the chemical process of oxidation, the nickel becomes an integral part of the black oxide surface imparted on the steel.

Increased corrosion protection and great resistance to abrasion can be directly attributed to the nickel, which has come to be part of the black oxide finish itself.

Tri-Black 200 MUBG

So Clean Tri-Black 200 MUBG is a trivalent conversion coating, which will produce a glossy black conversion coating on zinc, zinc-iron and zinc-nickel alloy plating.

This extremely stable process is a one component material, unlike other trivalent black processes and contains no cyanates. Control of the solution is easy; simply maintain the solution in the pH range: 2.5 to 4.5 using 10% Sulfuric Acid, and add 1 gal Tri-Black 200 MUBG per 1,000 sq.ft.of work processed to replenish.

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