Who We Are

So Clean Solutions custom formulates and develops chemistry for a variety of industrial needs. Our president, Dan Stanton, started in the Metal Finishing Industry in 1978. He founded So Clean Solutions, LLC in 2010 and together our team brings many years of experience and expertise in the Metal Finishing Industry to service our customers and to build long lasting partnerships between trusted suppliers and valued customers.

So Clean Solutions provides all the cleaning and pretreatment needs for parts cleaning, plating processes, stainless steel passivation, in-house RP, long term RP, floor and machine clean-up, and heat- treating salts.

Our acquisition of Surtec, International in 2016 allowed us to expand our global presence and product line into metal working fluids and Nickel Sulfamate plating chemistry, as well as becoming a distributor for Stellar Solutions Citrisurf products.

Our Philosophy

So Clean Solutions believes in listening to the customer. We look at the customer’s entire process from start to finish.

We want to know what the customer needs and requirements are to enable us to match the products and service best suited for them.

Our Commitment To You

So Clean Solutions is committed to focusing on how we can help the consumer, commercial businesses, institutional organizations as well as the manufacturing industry as a whole.

By supplying quality cleaning products as well as excellent service we will prove our commitment to providing the very best cleaning technology available to meet your needs.

We’ll do what we do best so you can do what you do best!